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My name is David Chalifoux.

I'm a developer who loves the web.

You can learn more about my work below.

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My professional work.

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Next.js • TypeScript • PostgreSQL
I currently work as a founding engineer at LOMA, building a platform designed to scale and validate local marketing for multi-unit brands.
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Go • React • TypeScript
I helped Tentorium develop automated stock trading services that take emotions out of investing.
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React • TypeScript • Next.js
Created for Taylor University, Vanir combines data from asset, firewall, and helpdesk systems, enabling IT Technicians to be more efficient in the field.
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Envisage Planner
Vue • JavaScript • Prisma
As a founding Software & Infrastructure Engineer, I helped Envisage create a next-generation degree planner which helps students get the most out of their degree.


My personal projects.

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The unofficial CLI client for Put.io. Kaput lets you manage your Put.io account from the comfort of your terminal!
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Keylight Commander
TypeScript • Rust • React
Keylight Commander is an open-source and cross-platform application for controlling Elgato Key Lights.
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Vue • Nuxt • TailwindCSS
Adventure is a modern web-based version of the original Colossal Cave text adventure game. Created as a natural language processing experiment, it can recognize sentences instead of commands, and you can use speech-to-text and text-to-speech as well.
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Vue • Firebase • JavaScript
Reddit clone built using Firebase and Vue. It features Google authentication, posting, voting, subreddits, user profiles, and notifications through Pushover.
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FrankerFaceZ for Raycast
An extension for Raycast that gives you quick access to the FrankerFaceZ emote library.
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Vue • JavaScript
The classic game of tic-tac-toe created with VueJS. You can play against a friend or a basic AI.


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Download Steam games from another computer

Update: This is now a feature on Steam! Check out their documentation for Local Network Game Transfers. I was recently in a situation where I wanted to download Baldur’s Gate 3 (a 100+GB game) on Steam, but my gaming machine was limited to a less-than-ideal wireless connection getting about 8MB/s. However, I did have my home server running Ubuntu connected directly to the router which got around 80MB/s. After finding this helpful article, I was able to download the game on the server with the 1


Delete your Git history

Sometimes it is useful to clear a repository’s commit history. For example, you might not want your code history from your prototyping phase to be visible on GitHub. Based on this StackOverflow post, here is what I think is the best way to do this: 1. Create a new branch git checkout --orphan latest_branch 2. Add all files git add -A 3. Commit all files git commit -am "commit message" 4. Delete your main branch git branch -D main 5. Rename your branch to main git branch -m main